Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Help for Nepal

Any amount helps.  Please consider donating $10 or more to Convoy of Hope.  They are a very reputable organization who puts your donations right back into helping others.  

You can donate to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. Check out give.convoyofhope.org/Nepal

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tribute To Our Pup

It's been a week since you left us.  We miss you. There are times when we still catch ourselves calling for you, looking for you, and then we remember.

You got sick so fast, and left so soon.  You made a recovery the last two days you were here, and we hoped for more time with you.  13 1/2 years sure went by fast.  But, on Sunday morning, you didn't look like you felt well again.  Only a week before did you go down.  Our vet thought it was kidney failure, but said it wasn't too bad, and that you should recover and live longer.  So, when you rallied for two days, we were hopeful. You came in took a nap at my feet as you always did.  Then, over the course of an hour, you had a seizure, and then somehow made your way outside afterward that horrible seizure. We watched you in the yard. You then laid down in the backyard and took your last breath.  Our hearts ached.

Our hearts are sad, and miss you.  You were an amazing girl, always happy, loving, and our constant companion.  I had someone say to me this past week that you were just a dog.  Their heart apparently has never known the love of a true furry companion.  I said you were more than a dog, you were a part of our family.  

Thank you, sweet girl, for the amazing, unconditional love you gave to us, for the laughter you brought to our lives, for the hours of listening you did when we needed to vent to someone.  You always listened and never judged.  You would just move closer, and put your head on our laps.  Thanks for the many adventures you journeyed with us. I am sure there were times you wondered what your humans were doing, but you always tagged along, with a smile on your face.

We are thankful for the amazing companion you were to us, to our family, and to almost everyone who met you.  You made people smile, everywhere we went. Our hearts miss you.  We are so thankful we had such an amazing Golden who had a heart of gold. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

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